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Poor maintenance of NH4 from Belgaum to Dharwad

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lettertoeditorLetter from R K Patil, Belgaum.

Any traveler taking NH4 from Kolhapur to Hubli can notice the difference between a quality of execution and maintenance of NH4 highway by two different establishments.

The project executed by Punj Lloyd bears the testimony to world class infrastructure while the part implemented by RN Shetty & Co. shows the sorry state of petty time contractor trying to get into big league.

The part of NH4 operated by Shetty’s (Belgaum to Dharwad) has already developed serious problems (pot holes, water clogging, poor maintenance). I am attaching two pictures of the road taken at Mahantesh Nagar & Ashok Nagar junction where the road barricades have been uprooted by the lorry owner shops lying just next to service road. This is done so that the shop owner’s trucks do not end up in taking a long route to reach the shops. This has resulted in land slide at road side, water logging. In few days from now I am sure the roads will also starts giving away.  Besides this it poses a great danger to speeding vehicles on NH4 who never expect vehicles to join or exit at this place!nh4-1nh4-2

I have brought this to the notice of the NH4 patrol and maintenance engineers stationed in Hubli (Mr. Ramanujam) and Belgaum (Mr. Jai Prakash). Looks even the NH4 authorities are least bothered about this.

Travelers on Belgaum stretch can see a lot of pot holes and trenches on NH4 stretch that runs between Belgaum and Halga, once again it looks the maintenance authorities are turning blind eye. Only when we start paying lower tolls for this stretch then the authorities might wake up.

5 thoughts on “Poor maintenance of NH4 from Belgaum to Dharwad”

  1. Not now I had seen this quite earlier , this is a usual problem with State govt , "tum bhi khao hum bhi khaee, aur Janta ki band bajaye ", I totally agree with R K Patil , we should stope paying tool on this road towards Hubli or pay as er quality of roads, R N Shetty dont is a sadak chaap contractor and so is his meely and shabby work. What more cna then be expected

    • Yaar! They wont allow to pass without paying toll. Perhaps someone should get these MLA's to task and get this fixed. The NHAI is least bothered. I lodged a complaint once and they just acnowledged.

      At least this shetty is OK… go towards Bangalore after Haveri, for the last 3 years has been hell. Mumbai side is still OK. Except that the toll after Kolhapur does not give a return toll like others… They sell only one way which is expensive for same day return or multiple entry. When others give return Toll ticket, This Kolhapur-KArad section section you have to buy ony a single toll either way at 47 Rs. They give 3 chocolates for Rs. 3 change and they dont accept these chocolates back when you dont have change. Happenned with me the same day. NHAI has received this complaint from me and acknowledged this. No action taken reply yet.

      So friends… Nothings gonna happen. Our votes and right's are not powerful yet as they are defined to be. Perhaps some organisation or any one can invoke the RTI and seek the details on maintainence. Where are the MES, the KRV's & RAM sene… Are you listening???

  2. Putting up information on web, especially if that is going to be read by many really works. i see that NHAI folks at BGM have now dug out side of the road so that vehicles can not cross over from Main road to service road . However they still have not erected the barricades which were earlier there. The trench which has been dug is also half-done work, people still cross over from main road with bit of maneuvering.
    there is a lot yet to happen and I hope the NHAI folks will at least take corrective 'quality' measures… rather than doing a patch work for the rreason some one posted on web!.

  3. I am santoshraj zavare Actor and social worker Working as an State Secretary and Dist President Human Rights & Corruption Eradication Forum HQ-Delhi Karnataka Branchi. Kindly request if u have any Nh4 RTI details copy send me.. according to rule roads not done deer is no toilets water facilities no barricades no pedestrian bridges done at many places if u have any one details regarding dis please forward if u have R K Patil no pls forward


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