What is this structure known as Freemanons hall or masonic hall


What is this structure known as? It is Belgaum and from the looks of it, it’s very old.oldbldg

So start replying now.


FREEMANSONS HALL or Masonic Hall which is the road after Hotel Greens is what this structure is known as. Masonic Lodge called the “Lodge Victoria No. 363 S.C.” at Belgaum.

There are two lodges down there on Lodge Victoria No 9 affiliated to Grand Lodges of India and the other one is Lodge Cataract No 909 (SC) affiliated to Grand Lodge of Scotland. About the membership it is for common people.

both theses lodges meet once in a month Lodge Victoria No 9 meets on the first Saturday of the month and Lodge Cataract No 909(SC) meets on the second Saturday of the month.Both the Lodges have got a very strict dress code. We have to wear a Dark Suite i.e ( Black Blazer, a White Shirt, a black tie and a a black pant and a black socks and black shoes)

Lodge Cataract was actually started at Gokak and was founded in 1900. Initially only the England Army was members of this Lodge. Later on Lodge Cataract became defunct and stopped functioning. Somewhere in early 1980’s is was brought to Belgaum and for the matter of fact Lodge Victoria No 9 was first affiliated to Grand Lodges of Scotland. In the year 1961 when there was a separate constitution for India know as GRAND LODGES OF INDIA Lodge Victoria got affiliated to GIL (Grand Lodges of India) and came under the Indian Constitution and Lodge Cataract No 909(SC) from the beginning is affiliated to Grand Lodge of Scotland. In Scottish Cataract means waterfalls.

Info courtesy: Ritish Ajit Patil



  1. I would like to visit the lodge. I am past master of lodge kathiawar no 59 rajkot, gujarat. I wl b visiting belgaun fr couple of times

  2. Its the Victoria Lodge next to hotel green in camp, Its also called the bhoot bangla . Its belongs to the Freemansons socity. Its a heavily guarded secret. All the carvings inside that building represent some thing. There is a famous english film on that called National Treasure 1 which has all these info on Free Mansons. You can visit. This building always draws my curiosity.

  3. Its the Victoria lodge next to Hotel Green. Its also called as booth bangla . Its basically for Free mansons socity thats what i feel.
    For more info see
    ( See the english moviee National treasure 1)
    Anyone can throw more light on it. As the activites are a guarded secret.


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