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X-plore your Belgaum

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lettertoeditorDear Uday,

I am a regular visitor of your blog and I truly commend your relentless efforts to introducing our own Belgaum to netizens worldwide. I have been seeing some old photographs of Belgaum which are truly invaluable. From the time when I saw these pictures an idea has been coming to my mind. Let me share that with you.’

Belgaumites always feel that Belgaum does not offer any places of historical value which are worth visit (as one visits city of Bijapur/Mysore), but in fact there many places I know (only from outside) which have definite historical value. I agree that these cannot be compared to places of Bijapur/Mysore, but these places also do have archeological importnace for some extent. We often move around these places but never try to see and learn about their when/who constructed them, any other major events or personalities related to them, sculpture, wooden carvings, paintings, and most importantly if any old photographs available with them which may throw light on city of old Belgaum.

I am enumerating some of the places I know (only from outside).

1. Vitthal Dev Galli temples: There are 6-7 Vaishnavite temples are situated here. Some temples are in good condition because still some brahmins and marwadi’s visit and perform poojas, except one which I guess (Murlidhar temple) adjacent to Dr. Javali’s hospital is in dilapidated condition, which certainly seems most ancient. Also, in Shahapur Khade Bazar we find Mahadev temple and Maruti temple.
Adjacent to the Nucleus Mall and Sharma chat center there is a small temple and a old well (which is not visible from outside). My father used to tell us the name of that well as Baragade Bhavi and they used to fetch water from that well in their childhood since they lived in Ganapat Galli then.

2. Old stone-built houses in Tilakwadi, Hindwadi, near Bogar Ves, Shahapur, and Hosur (especially Rangubai palace in Ramling Khind and a house near Nath Pai garden on Deshmukh Road)

3. Ganapat galli watch tower, school nearby.

4. Jain basti’s in Kore Galli Shahapur (looks ancient), Hosur Basavn Galli, Shetty Galli. Remarkable about these basti’s are the towers built infront of these, stone carving is beautiful.

5. Saraswati Vachanalay and Kreeda Bhavan, Kore Galli Shahapur.

6. There is some old Lingayat Maths, like Kalmath in Kalmath Street. There was one math called Karanji Math in Kore Galli Shahapur, but today this is completely extinct and is being replaced by new building.

7. Rajwada compound in Madhavpur Vadagaon. I have heard some interesting things about the people who lived here who were Sansthanik’s. I have also heard that still today there are some war weapons and some structures can been seen (i have not seen them).

8. Dak bangla, near goaves. People talk various strange things about this place (like, some say this bangla was used by dacoits). No one knows exactly about this place. Looks like a haunted house. Today this place is being used by government irrigation department. Also, in Kacheri Galli there is one old building which people say was used as jail in old times, these days this is being used for government offices.

9. Shahapur saraf katta. This is now completely extinct, as it was removed as a part of master plan some 15 years back. There used to be number of old jewellery shops there. Photographs and interesting facts can be collected. I have heard people from all over the India used to come to Shahapur saraf katta to buy jewellery in old times.

10. Masjid’s and darga’s. The prominent one which comes to my mind is Belgaum Khade Bazar masjid and darga besides DCC bank and another darga near police headquarters.

11. There are many structures and monuments in Cantonment Area and places of worship.

This list can be comprehensively updated by Belgaumites. I am sure these will an eye-opener for Belgaumites about Belgaum’s glorious past. And educate people about preservation and restoration of these invaluable structures.

Making use of all these information and photographs I think a separate section can be created in which can be called as “X-plore your Belgaum” where present / past photographs, authentic information, interesting facts can be published before they are extinct. I am sure Belgaumites from all around the globe will cherish this.

I hope you show interest in this and develop this idea and further explore our very own Belgaum.



Vijay R. Lingayat

6 thoughts on “X-plore your Belgaum”

  1. hello vijay,it is good,u have made a comprehensive list of various structures in Belgaum,since u have mentioned cantonement area- there is one sprawling bunglow in camp occupied by the owners of The Gun shop on high street & i have visited that bunglow many years ago when one of the owner was alive.It is built in gothic style almost 100 years ago?



  2. Well written facts. But first, how do we educate people not to spit all around the beautiful city of Belgaum and keep it clean?

  3. I happened to read this letter while searching for some old things related to Belgaum, where I lived until 1965. Very detailed list of "old" things to see in Belgaum but I find the Belgaum "Fort" and Kamal Basti inside is missing. I am sure they still exist (and must be badly in need of restoration, like many really "old" structures)!!

    I also vaguely remember from my child hood days, a couple of "mystery" places: one was aparently the burial place of some major "Bijapur Sardar" off Ramdev Galli in a lane approx. opposite Kelkarbaag, and another was remnannts of some old fort like walls, near where Bhendi Bazar/Menshi Galli and Ravivar Peth meet. Does any one know about these?

    Another mystery area, British time burial grounds, next to Beynon Smith High School (which had a lot of mango trees and old decorated head stones, showing dates in 19 th Century and was a favourite place of the "brave" ones to study during examinations and in hot summers). This apparenty has been totally razed.

    C. G. (Shekhar) Moghe

  4. All Comments set apart for today, Uday ji Let me Wish your goodself and your editorial staffof this AAB web site, A VERY HAPPY DIWALI (2021) and ALL THE BEST & PROSPERITY IN REPORTING IN THIS WONDERFUL AAB SITE FOR YEARS TO COME…….. Lage Raho, Look to to the forward, & No Looking back !!!!!! Jan Mohamed Shaikh {Past resident of Belagavi(Old Belgaum)1942 to 1957}


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