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Life sentence for accused in Shetaal Chougule murder

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Taking this to be a rarest of the rare cases the court sentenced Ravindranth Choughule, Ranjit Shintre, Ravindranath, Rajesh Mense, Vijayannad Shinde and Reena Tashildar a life imprisonment. A fine of Rs.10,000 was also imposed.

History of the case:

Ravindra Chougule husband of Sheetal paid Pravin Shintre ‘supari’ of Rs 4 lakh for the murder and Ravindra took Sheetal, who was a mother of three to Belgaum for shopping on August 11 and asked her to alight at Ganeshpur. He then took her to house and left her there on the pretext of some work. What happened next is something that a woman dreads of.
The five-member gang raped her continuously for many hours, strangled her to death and dumped her body. Ravindra himself lodged a complaint stating that his wife was missing. All this was done so that Ravindra could marry his new love Reena Tahsildar. After the murder the body was found at  Kavle Nala near Khanapur.

Praveen Shintre was subsequently killed in an encounter later. 

4 thoughts on “Life sentence for accused in Shetaal Chougule murder”

  1. So sad to hear this news………. Sheetal chougle was my schoolmate………. we both used to eat lunch together at school………… Never though she would get such criminal husband……….. Now what about her 3 daughters… who will take care of them.

  2. which school did she go to? I just hope and pray that she deserves complete justice, and no women ever in the world has to go through like this ever. I pray that her soul rest in peace and her children are brought up and in a safest world.


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