Belgaum got 63 projects worth 20104 crores at GIM

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The Global investors meet 2012 is over and the media said it was more of a Local investors meet rather than Global.

Bangalore rural district got the maximum projects worth 68752 crores.

Belgaum has got 63 projects worth Rs.20104 crores thats about 3% of the total amount of MOU’s signed at the GIM this year.

Projects for which MOU’s were signed in 2010 have not earned any great results and progress of projects is almost zero. 

DistrictNo of ProjectsInvestment in CroresJobs
Bangalore Rural7968752910856
Bangalore Urban606287292807

10 thoughts on “Belgaum got 63 projects worth 20104 crores at GIM”

  1. It will be interesting to know the list of projects as ChikkaBallapur with just 13 projects has more investment and create more jobs similarly for Bellary & Gulburga

  2. here goes the fertile agricultural land out of the hands of the needy and in comes the infertile impotent money politicians, bureaucrats, their chamchas and countless other people, they will just like nokia did in east european countries
    get the land at cheap rate, give employment ofr some time then wind up production to china leave more people unemployed than employed then share prices fall down CEO takes home tidy salary and bonus company is sold to microsoft for strategic business alignment, on that same land nothing can be grown anymore and we are hungry with less money food prices on Cloud No.999

  3. is it not that our government should encourage local capital for local entrepreneurship and employment generation, I have voted for foreign corporations to take our cream of earnings or so it seems by all odds

  4. in china it is more better at least they have national pride, local goverments, state governments or national governments are for the local people to start own business here we have VW, Ford, BMW, Daimler Benz put their factories make profit and send it back to their countries

  5. In GIM-2 road shows they shouted that this time it will be tier-2 and tier -3 cities will get benefited.
    But about information is totally reverse, most of the investments are again in and around Bangalore only. What is the use of such investment when Bangalore is already overloaded and centralized. Why don’t Karnataka Govt want to De-centralize these investment so that will yield over all state development. This is worst kind of planning…..Only God can help….

    • I think industrialist are more to blame here they take up social work in rural areas to save company tax but wont setup industries often blame govt for not providing infrastructure. Govt setup IT park in hubli how many IT companies came forward, land for IT companies are still vacant in belgaum but no takers. they give one or the other excuse like it is too far and no road connectivity etc..if they can provide cab services in bangalore to reach areas like whitefield,electronic city where roads till last year was in bad shape can’t they provide cab services in places like belgaum/hubli.
      city will develop only once the industries start coming to these places. it will not be the other way cities are already developed and companies will come to setup there shops here.


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