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Acute water shortage

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With only one feet of water in the Rakaskop reservoir it is June 13 and we have had NO RAINS due to which the city is facing an acute shortage of drinking water. The city needs about 107 cusec of water.

Belgaum is supplied water from two sources Rakaskop reservoir and Hidkal dam, the water from Hidkal is mainly supplied to the 10 wards where 24 hours water is supplied but the rest of the city is now getting water once in 6 days.

The receding water level at Rakaskop would suffice for only three days and that in Hidkal for another 12 days.

This is one of the worst water shortages in the city and now people are dependent on local wells and tankers. Sighting good business the water tankers rates have also doubled.

On Monday operations at the Dr.Prabhakar Kore Hospital were also postponed due to lack of water. Even the canteen was shut for day sighting water woes.
People are advised to use water in a manner where there would be less of wastage.

The weather in the city is cool, but no rains and the reservoirs getting dry may be it is time to pray to the Gods to send the Rain soon. 

6 thoughts on “Acute water shortage”

  1. This is old Rhyme

    Rain rain go away,
    Come again another day.
    Little Johnny wants to play;
    Rain, rain, go to Spain,
    Never show your face again!

    And now this is the prayer

    Rain rain come again,
    don’t wait for another day.
    Little Johnny has played in May;
    Rain, rain, don’t go to Spain,
    Show your face in Belgaum again!

  2. i hope atleast now the people of belgaum will understand the importance of water ,as till date they used to waste the water.still today i saw some people washing thier 4 wheelers and wasting water

  3. less water for drinking, less water for power generation. less water for agriculture we will suffer like hell in this world


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