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Liver from Belagavi transported to Bengaluru for transplant

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By uday

A 23-year-old male tragically passed away due to a brain hemorrhage at KLE Hospital in Belagavi. However, his family made the selfless decision to donate his liver, kidneys, and corneas to those in need. Belagavi falls under the Dharwad Hubbali zone of the State Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (SOTTO), and many individuals are registered at Jeevasarthakathe to receive organs. As a result, the organs were sent to various hospitals and medical centers where they were required.

Initially, the KLE Hospital Belagavi had a recipient who required the liver. However, upon examination, the doctors discovered that the recipient was unfit for a liver transplant at that time. Despite exhaustive efforts, a suitable recipient could not be found within the same zone. Nevertheless, the dedicated team of surgeons at KLE Hospital went above and beyond to transport the donated liver to Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road Bengaluru, where a matching recipient awaited the life-saving organ.


This was a significant challenge as there were only two flights from Bengaluru to Belagavi, which would have been inconvenient in terms of timeliness. However, the doctors and staff at KLE Hospital took the initiative to hand over the organ at Bengaluru International Airport, as there were flights from Belagavi to Bengaluru Airport. IndiGo Airlines generously offered their support, ensuring a swift journey from KLE Hospital in Belagavi to Bengaluru airport. Additionally, the airport team was ready to facilitate easy movement, and even the traffic police helped ensure zero traffic along the route from KLE Hospital to Belagavi Airport.

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