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BelgaumThe Kaivalya Yoga Mandir, Belgaum, had its annual gathering at Jaitanmal on 3rd March 2013. On this occasion Mr. Arvind Deshpande, an industrialist, delivered a one hour lecture on living with nature. The lecture focussed on altering lifestyles and habits to ensure a healthy living through naturopathy and good living and eating habits. Mr. Deshpande provided insights into his personal experiences with the art of living in harmony with nature and as to how he was able to overcome health hurdles through the practice of the same. He elaborated on the fact that owing to his lifestyle and adventurous habits, he had picked up several ailments including blood pressure, the removal of one lung and the fracture of all his ribs and yet through the practice of living with nature for the past 6 years, he was able to rid himself of the need for medication and treatment. He asserted that it was more than just possible for one to live a healthy life and substantiated it with the fact that he has not had to take even the elementary “Crocin” for the past two years owing to his altered lifestyle. The session included an elaborate expression of his varied experiences which were testimony to the fact that any individual through harmony with nature could totally eliminate the evils of modern lifestyle that often take the form of rampant stress, blood pressure and diabetes.

Over 300 individuals were present for the session and included the members of the Kaivalya Yog Mandir and people from all walks of life within the city.
Prof. Vijay Majli, founder and President of Kaivalya Yoga Mandir welcomed the gathering. Prof. Sameer Majli was the Master of Ceremony. Industrialist Madhvacharya introduced the Chief Guest and industrialist Prakash Mirji proposed the vote of thanks.
The Kaivalya Yoga Mandir is a non-profit organization that aims at spreading the awareness of Yoga among the citizens of Belgaum. The premises is located a Mandoli Road Belgaum and Yoga sessions are conducted in four batches during the day. Membership is available for just a nominal maintenance fee as the philosophy of the organization is one of spreading awareness and encouraging a better way of living rather than one of making Yoga a lucrative business venture.
The organization wishes to extend the invitation to embrace a healthy living style through Yoga, to all the citizens of Belgaum.

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