LKG Admission – Age criteria Dilemma

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Parents of a child aged between 3 years and 6 years as on June 1, 2015 are in dilemma with schools putting up different age criteria for LKG admissions.

A few schools in Belagavi city have reportedly displayed notifications carrying wrong information on the age criteria for admission to LKG classes. Some schools have mentioned minimum age as 3 years while a few have stuck to the old age criteria of 3 yrs 10 months.

A Parent reading a notice regarding the LKG admission

The circular on age limit issued by the Department of Public Instruction on January 29, states that the minimum age for admission to LKG was 3 years and the maximum was 4 years and six months.

Most of the school have issued the time-line for issuing of forms.

MV Herwadkar – Issue of Forms – 16 March to 30 March

St. Joesph’s Convent – Issue of Forms – 15th March to 30 April

St.Xavier’s – Issue of Forms – 15th March to 30 April

Rohit Joshi a parent shared his veiew – “Confusion situation has been created by the government authorities. The minimum age has been reduced. This is a welcoming scenario as the IQ of children now has improved compared to what was existing 25 yrs back. They have to make sure that each and every school that comes under their ambit needs to follow this and strict action be taken against the defaulters. When contacted, the block education officer wanted a lot of parents to come forward and give written complaints against the schools who don’t abide by the new rule. The block education office is situated opposite the Zp commissioner bungalow at Sampige nagar. So I would request all parents to come forward and register complaints in large number bin the next 2days before it is too late.”

Sarita B Karekar said “ Last year when I tried LKG for my son but he was not eligible due to age, and now When I am trying for LKG this year again he is unfit as he is 1 month older, to which class he should go in LKG or UKG his birth date is 31-10-10.”

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