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Throw garbage, leave pigs infront at defaulters – Commissioner

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Throw garbage, leave Pigs infront of the houses of the defaulters who deny to pay the property tax” – said Belagavi Corporation commissioner RaviKumar in the special meeting held at the Maratha Mandal Polytechnic.

M R Ravikumar


The meeting was called to brief the officers and how to collect more revenue. The Commissioner has already written to HESCOM and Water supply dept to cut the connections if the property tax is not paid.

Each ward has a special team formed and the team which achieves 100% target would be awarded.

9 thoughts on “Throw garbage, leave pigs infront at defaulters – Commissioner”

  1. Good initiative…but what about demolition drive Mr. Commissioner and Gomatesh’s Workshop. Can he put garbage in front of that shed.

  2. What is this mr commissioner? Take action legally but your idea of throwing garbage and letting Pigs infront of the houses of defaulters is pathetic, your idea seems to be very cheap and childish, What about swach bharat abhiyan, are you illiterate? dont you think you are voilating PM’s initiative, First complete demolition drive, check illegal constructions of all the people irrespective of their position, you people are installing small fancy lights on the footpath and No street lights, dont waste tax payer’s money.
    First do your work properly

  3. politicians ka chela..isse kya hoga ghanta…bada aya encroachment hatane wala?dar ke baita hai sarkar ka paisa khake…maa ka dood piya hai to ek hi defaulter ke ghar ke saamne kachra pekh ke ya ya dukkar chod ke dikhaye?

  4. How about we dump garbage in front of this imbecile’s house for not doing his duty- taking care of the city-its infrastructure-Roads, Sewers, Bridges… How come the city of Belgaum has only one bridge…that too built before independence. PATHETIC.

    Wake up citizens of Belgaum- Think what you are getting for your property taxes (“Ghar Patti”)-Bad governance, Stupid government Officials, Moron politicians, Rude police, Decaying infrastructure, Dust & Garbage everywhere…the list goes on…

  5. First …. declare defaulter list.
    Start with highest payment defaulter…..
    Those are politicians. Beurocrates .. gundas list so on….

    You do not have guts to do this…..
    Shame on your project to harassment to poor belgavi….

  6. First clean up the roads and the garbage lying in many areas, then think of doing this. Before doing this first publish the list without any name deletions.

  7. A welcome move by the Commissioner to collect property taxes. However, garbage disposal remains the biggest challenge for BCC. Regular rounds by Sanitary Inspectors and involvement of citizen representatives in each colony will also help.


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