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LKG/Nursery admission process to start from March 20 in Belgaum

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lkg admission belgaumIf you are parent of a child aged between 2 years 10 months and less than 4 years 10 months as on June 1, 2014 then you all need to go through this, if you want to admit your child into a school run as per the state syllabus. Admission dates for ICSE and CBSE are different.

Now this is the most important criteria, even if the age of the child is less or more by a single day you do not qualify for the Junior KG(LKG) admissions in this case.

If you are looking for Nursery admissions you should look for 2 years 10 months and less than 3 years 10 months as the age of the child.

For LKG the child must have completed 3 years 10 moths as of 1, June 2014.

The process would commence from March 20 to 22, 2014 for Forms distribution. Each school can have a different date hence please visit all the schools to get the exact dates.

Kindly go and check with the school you want your child to be admitted. All schools must have put a notice regarding the same now.

Checklist for parents:

Now that you have found your child to be in the above age slot now what else needs to be done.

Original birth certificate is needed to be submitted to the school if your child is admitted and many photo copies will be required at each of the schools as they check the birth certificate mandatorily before giving the forms (Original is also required for verification along with photocopy). If you don’t have one, you still have time to get it done.
Now the question where do we get it from, the local health office of the area in which hospital the child was born. For Example: all those born in hospitals of Chidambar nagar, Vadgaon will have to go to the primary health center of Vadgaon. Birth certificates are issued up to 1 year from there and later on from the City corporation office.

Now that you have got hold of the birth certificate get a few ID card photos of your child and also a family photo to be put on the forms, not all schools ask but now a day’s normally all ask for it, so photos must be kept ready.

Keep visiting the schools from now on and keep asking about when the admission process begins.

 Understanding the Process:

The admission process is somewhat similar in all schools. You are given forms on particular days, then you fill them up and submit in a time limit and then you are called in for an interaction of your child and also you. If you are lucky to get a seat in the first list go party if not then go and fall at the feet of someone something will cook for sure.

 Those long queues in the night outside the same school we studied, this time for only a form. Normally all will get forms as they print in thousands it’s only that you should be there on time.

 Also keep a few thousands ready as you may need to pay development charges, Not All schools take this but it is always better to be ready instead of last minute running around.

Apply in all schools, if you are looking for English medium, then all English medium schools, when we mean all, we mean ALL.

 Also see the previous year’s post which will help you understand the process much better.

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