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Load shedding in Belgaum

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electricity As the production of electricity has drastically reduced due to, the shortage of water in the dams and the demand has increased due to heat, HESCOM (Hubli Electricity Supply Company) has decided to cut 20% supply to the city.
Since the past few days, load shedding is on the city for about half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening but the timing is not fixed and there is no fixed schedule, which is causing problems to Belgaumites.
Belgaum gets the supply from the 220 KV Indal Station. This station requires about 120 Mega Watt but it is getting only 23 MW from Hubli and 60 MW from Tata Power which means a shortage of 37 MW. Load shedding is being done to cover this shortfall.
A detailed load shedding timetable is expected in a couple of days.
We never faced the problem this summer as there was plenty of rainfall from March to may. However, this monsoon we will have to face it.
However, we are better than other states like Maharashtra where there is 4 –5 hours of load shedding in town and about 12-14 hours in rural areas.

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