Local dailies say 31 positive: Bulletin mentions only 3 deaths

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From the past 2 months or more each one is more interested in knowing how many COVID-19 positives have been reported from his town, city, state.

We have been doing roughly a good job presenting the official data in front of you as and when the same is published.

But from the past couple of days, there have been discrepancies seen in the news published by the Local dailies with respect to the number of Positives.

Like for instance on Sunday only 3 deaths were reported in the Local Bulletin and the state bulletin.

But the local dailies published the figure as 31 which included the two deaths. Now the issue now is that they got a figure of 31 and others just published the 3 death numbers.

What it looks like is the data is not sent on time and hence the same is not published in the bulletin.

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If this is the case why is the data leaked to a few others? Earlier as well there have been instances that the local bulletin and the state bulletin figures did not match on a day.

What is also happening is due to this unwarranted delay today we would get a number close to 30 or even more if results are received today.

As per the list published new positives are reported from Shiv Basav Nagar, Shivaji Nagar, Jakkeri Honda, Adarsh Colony, Indira Colony, Mahantesh Nagar, Ujwal Nagar, Azam Nagar, Kangral Galli, Hanuman Nagar, Angol.

11-12 are from the city and others from places like Athani etc.

We will stay put with the official data published, and as soon as it’s published we will share it.

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