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Local residents pool in to help Pyaas Foundation rejuvenate well in Kelkar Bag

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PYAAS Foundation today launched its flagship urban project, the rejuvenation of Kelkarbag well. The well was built years ago for supplying drinking water but due to waste disposal and neglect , the well water was polluted and contaminated.
PYAAS Foundation had taken it as a challenge and we will dig the well and try to purify the water here. The work will begin on Monday morning with Commissioner Belagavi City Corporation Sashidahr Kurer and EE R S Nayak, Former Mayor Sarita Patil and local residents.

By the estimate of the municipal corporation 10000 people will benefit from this well water.

kelkar-bag-wellLocal residents of Kelkar Bag from Hotel owners to Local vegetable vendors have come forward and helped the Pyass Foundation by their monetary contribution as a little help for their betterment.

As many as 10 people had contributed and many others seeing the euphoria around well and that would eventually help them have promised to contribute in whatever small way it is possible for them. The St.Paul’s Batch of 1993 have also come forward to help this wonderful cause.

Speaking to AAB, Pyaas director Kiran Nippanikar said

It is very heartening to see the local residents come up to us and say please take this as our contribution towards the rejuvenation of the well.
Pyaas Foundation is just a facilitator, which plans to bridge the gap. The well after rejuvenation will be handed over to the local residents who have promised to take good care of it.

This model of citizen participation has to be encouraged as it will help build a stronger community and a country as a whole.


0 thoughts on “Local residents pool in to help Pyaas Foundation rejuvenate well in Kelkar Bag”

  1. Really an admirable task…. I know this situation prevails in almost all towns of our country. I feel this should be spread and enacted by all villagers…..

  2. Please do tar road work at teachers colony KHASBAG second cross where pipe line for further of teachers colony was laid down abt six months back

  3. Not sure which genius closed these historic Wells. Local water supply is cheap and efficient. Just copying some western solutions to non existent problems is the cause of this mess.
    We need to be proud of our culture and heritage.
    Thank you Pyaas.


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