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Two kids return lost purse to the owner

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Lavanya Joshi internal auditor for Private bank was in shock when she reached home and realized that he had lost her purse which contained 2000 cash, 4 debit cards and the Driving licence.

But two kids who found the purse with the help of their parents tried to locate Joshi and eventually handed over the wallet today to her.

Sankalp & OM Badmaji from Mali Galli studying in B K Model School found two wallets one belonged to Lavanya Joshi and one more purse which has a debit card named Kavita Ambekar and no other details.

badmanjiInfact just before Joshi got the call from the kids father she was on her way to the police station to file an FIR so that she could apply for a duplicate Driving licence.

Both the kids were humble and were happy for doing a good deed.

Currently Lavanya Joshi is trying to locate the owner of the other purse which has a Bank of India Debit Card with the name Kavita Ambekar in it and some other papers.

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