Lock down is there? Also not there

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The Police all of a sudden arrive from no where and take the businessmen with utter shock when they asked all the shops to be shut upto May 4 as per the order.

There is still chaos amongst all the citizens and business community as to why this decision was taken, and many asked when was this decision taken.

The businesses were just trying to get back on track with the wedding season and now this lock down if we can call it so.

The order clearly states that only shops selling essential commodities will remain open from From April 22 to May 4. and during the weekend curfew essential will work from 6 am to 10 AM only.

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All assumed that all shops can open as in like Unlock 1 or 2, but in this case the order clearly stated that only ESSENTIAL (pharmacy, food, groceries, restaurants, construction, fruits, vegetables) will remain open (this list is not exhaustive and no specific mention of essential has been defined.

So this is like a backdoor lock down of sorts with all other shops closed.

There is no restriction on the movement of persons from 6 am to 9 PM on week days.

Once can also go out to take a vaccine, hospital and emergencies.

So in simple terms this is a lockdown for the majority while a minority essential commodity sellers are allowed to conduct business.

Non essential shops are being closed in all parts of the state and this is not limited to Belagavi alone as the order is applicable to whole of the state.

People are queueing up at liuquor strores and grocery stores but they will be open thourgh out the prriod so there nothing to worry. Dont rush for groceries or the liquor as well.

These are tough times for all and each one must try and support to rise back. The govt can only issue guidelines and make a lockdown but it is the citizens who will have to suffer the financial crunch.
Stay Home Stay Safe!

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