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In a country where getting a LPG refill has become a arduous task the LPG transparency portal launched by the agencies is good step forward.

The “LPG transparency portal” carries details of booking and delivery date, usage patterns, subsidies, particulars of distributors, and information affecting consumers.

Each Gas company has a different portal and each one works in a similar fashion.

One can come to know when someone booked a LPG and when it was delivered. Also one can find out who has been the HIGH CONSUMPTION CONSUMER with each dealer.

Here is how you can check the details

Click any of the below links of the agency you want to check Indane, Bharat Gas or HP Gas.
Then select the State – Then City and then distributor
One can even check your own consumption or anyones for that matter.
Highest consumption is for each dealer. – Indane – Bharatgas – HP gas 

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  1. This is a nice move, but I am really skeptical on keeping everyone’s full address transparent to any one who visits. Full residential address might be a sensitive data for keeping it publicly open.


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