MLA cleans crematorium

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On Sunday, Abhay Patil MLA Belgaum south along with about 100 people and cleaning equipment cleaned the crematorium at Vadagaon.

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11 thoughts on “MLA cleans crematorium”

  1. This act clearly shows that he is not capable to handle the things effectively, b’cos he cannot go to all places in Belgaum & do the same. He is been elected to address the gaps/issues in the operations & not to do such fakery things. Our dear elected representatives please grow up………….

  2. looks the election are to be held very soon so all these stunts !!!! but belgaum people are very wise !!!! yeh public hai sab janti hain !!!

  3. dear praveen

    i feel u r thinking on wrong line, same is been done years back by baba amte (i am not comparing person ) ,the only intention behind is & was to involve people at large in such activities. If u help cleaning such places next time u will not let any one to throw wastes at public places & u Personally will also follow it,

    it is not that he (abhay patil ) can not get work done from authorities , in fact he is the only MLA who has guts (dum) to make govt, officers act immidiately ,

  4. He is doing good work. See guys whatever it is , good work should always be appreciated.
    It is very easy to blame others for what they are doing/not doing . But doing good work takes lot of guts man. Abhay patil is good MLA that is what I feel. He organises holi festival every year so nicely I like it.

  5. I don’t know what his intentions were and I don’t wanna comment on it too. Good that some cleaning was done…But what was the point of doing it???He should be capable of getting it done through appropriate channels. This is not one time activity neither it is one of those works which is not handled govt resources. Anyways good to see him working and I hope it was not EYE WASH for common people…..


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