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Maha Melava convened

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Maha Melava Belgaum
Maha Melava Belgaum

MES Maha Melava (Convention) was held on December 9, at the Vaccine Depot Grounds to coincide with the first day of the winter session at Suvarna Vidhan Soudha.
Strict conditions have been put in place which include no hate speech against the state and also no hate speech amongst communities.
N D Patil, Sambhaji Patil(MLA)and Arvind Patil (MLA Khanapur) spoke on the occasion. The speakers at the convention reiterated their stand of fighting till the last drop of blood to go into Maharashtra. MLA Sambhaji Patil said now it is time to move this agitation from Belgaum to Mumbai and then to Delhi.belgaum-mahamelava-1

A large number of Marathi-speaking people from Belgaum, Khanapur and neighbouring rural areas made it to the melava. The MES had been organising the melava ever since the Karnataka government started holding legislature sessions in Belgaum.

4 thoughts on “Maha Melava convened”

  1. Nobody is stopping you guys to go to Mah. Don’t drag the rest of us, we are happy here. Hope the illiterates realize the meaning of co-existence and mutual respect, that Mah-Kannadigas have shown for decades. And as per marathi personalities like Lokmanya Tilaka have said, that most marathis once used to speak Kannada. Hope this information is spread to the agitating marathis so that they realize they roots.

    Reg, Shivaji having Kannada roots is acknowledged even by prominent marathi people. Read:

    • CK Paril,

      PPL have the democratic right to protest. Telling them to go to Mah is very very immature on your part. Don’t get into history unless you follow some prominent historians.

      Your and mine our roots are from monkeys ..those are our ancestors on a broader level, so ideally religion ,cast language don’t matter right?….but so many things have changed and we are in this time.

      Kannada is a Great Language has rich culture….So is Marathi..which came from where, is like asking if Chicken came first or egg. So give ur mind a rest about these thing..” Realize the roots “.. Shivaji was a great king and putting him in all debates , giving a bad name to him is really hurting, specially to people who treat him like their role model like me. Shivaji does not give a dam about what place goes where in today’s world. In his time he would have taken what he wanted..:)

      This is don’t by Marathi people too..People still have to understand a lot about Shivaji, they only know one side of the story.

      All Pakistani’s were indian once, are they going to come and stay here….or are you willing to let them come and stay in india..its kind the same thing..

      I do agree to your point of co-existence and mutual respect. That being said, protesting and freedom of speech are our fundamental rights. People can exercise them, if you don’t like agitation or agitators ignore them.

      • Guruve, I only mentioned what they were saying “going to Mah”… please read the article again.

        You speak about our ancestors being monkeys but do not want to explore the history of marathi or shivaji 🙂

        I like history, archaeology, genetics etc that gives a better picture of our ancestry, our origin, our evolution. For e.g may be about 3,000-4,000 years ago, Kannada and Tamil were the same language and a bit before that all dravidian languages were one, and by exploring such interesting things I do not consider an offence to Kannada or any other language. People in Europe or elsewhere are very keen to know such things. For e.g in UK there are atleast 3 different linguistic groups – Celtic, Germanic and Gaelic, they are not fighting to cover it up.

        I was only pointing out the baseless emotions that fanatics like MES use to pit people against one another.


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