Maharashtra reintroduces epass for inter-state & inter-district travel

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Maharashtra Police has reintroduced epass for inter-state & inter-district travel for extreme emergency cases during the current lockdown.

Link to apply for same.

So all those who intend to travel to Maharashtra you need to get the Epass to enter MH and on the return you must have the RTPCR negative certificate to enter KA.

According to the police officials, people who belong to the essential service providing categories, like doctors, nurses, police, government employees, food delivery, etc., need not apply for the e-pass.

These people are allowed to travel and can pass police blockades by showing their identity cards.

However, people who do not fall in these essential service categories can apply for the e-pass only in emergency situations like medical emergencies, marriages, or in case of death in the family.

Those who have access to the internet can apply for an e-pass on the link ( ). Those who do not have access to the internet can go to the nearest police station and apply for an e-pass. They have to carry relevant documents, like the doctor’s certificate in case of a medical emergency or death certificate in case a person is traveling interstate or inter-district to conduct the final rites of a family member, while those applying online will have to upload a scanned copy of the relevant documents.

The police posted at each police station has been instructed to help them in filling their e-pass application form.

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