Mahatma Phule park to host unique park for Differently Abled – Work commences

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The development of the Mahatma Phule park, Budhwar Peth under the Belagavi Smart city project was commenced today MLA, Shri Abhay Patil in the presence of Smt Rukhaiya Hadalge, Assistant Executive Engineer, other staff of Belagavi smart city limited.

The Cost of the project is Rs 2.85 crores and it is split into two parts-

1. Animal park worth Rs 1.6 Crore

2. Park for special children-Rs 1.25 Crore

This park is going to be a unique park with a special section dedicated only for mentally challenged children.

Helping them in improving their skills by color therapy, touch therapy, and vocational training.

It consists of a hall with all the equipment required for mentally challenged children.

Also, the existing animal park which has faces of animals will be restored and a few more animals would be added.

phule-gardenThe Tortoise structure will also be renovated and with the other animal’s structures.

Other amenities will include a pathway, sandpit, gazebos, rainwater harvesting structure, toilets and all other facilities like light fixtures, etc

It will be one of a kind park in the entire nation. The first park in India to have facilities for Mentally challenged children.

Also, another 3 more parks would be developed in South Belagavi.

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  1. While I do appreciate the efforts of Mr Abhay Patil towards development of various parks in South Belagavi, I request him to pay a little more attention to the long pending repairs of roads, prevention of dumping garbage on roadside, hawkers on roadside preventing movement of pedestrians & vehicles and haphazard parking on all roads. Now that the BJP has taken over the reins in the state, the citizens of Belagavi expect better governance in the city.


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