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Studying viability of High-Speed Railway Belagavi to Hubballi – Suresh Angadi

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Minister of State for Railways Suresh Angadi told reporters here on Saturday that the possibility of running a high-speed train such as bullet train linking the three cities, Belagavi-Dharwad-Hubballi was being explored.

He was speaking at the Board meeting of the Belagavi Cantonment. The minister said that still, the viability will have to be studied and if viable the travel time between the two cities could be brought down to 45 mins.

The project would be taken up shortly and then a detailed report would be studied, he added.

The minister also directed the officials to coordinate & cooperate with the State Govt for the execution of developmental works under the Smart City project in Belagavi City.


9 thoughts on “Studying viability of High-Speed Railway Belagavi to Hubballi – Suresh Angadi”

  1. Sir,
    Instead of a high speed train , a regular train which stops at most of the intermediate towns such as Bagewadi, MK Hubli and Kittur will be more beneficial for the citizens. There are many people who travel daily from these towns to Belagavi and Huballi- Dharwad for work. Travel time of 2 hrs should be ok. High speed train will cost more to start and operate. As the existing Road between the two is good, train service will benefit only if the fare is cheap.

  2. Not necessary, if Dharwad- Kittur- Belagavi-Kolhapur-Karad mainline train route is developed, trains like Vande Bharat can be put into service which can connect long distances (Mumbai- Bengaluru or Pune-Chennai or Hubballi-Ahmedabad), reducing time consumed.

    Long distance trains may be give stop at M K Hubli (equi-distant point between Dharwad and Belagavi). From this station shuttle buses to Bailhongal (26kms), Kittur (20Kms roughly), Hirebagewadi (10Kms roughly). To run trains you need to understand physics, mathematics and commerce. Stopping frequenlty consumes large amount of energy, one stop can cover many passenger with feeder service.

    Converting every train into passenger shuttle is not an option.

    Then we have those extra buses which can be put into service for shorter journeys.

    As for the cheap fare, on KSRTC bus you pay Re1per kilometre, on trains you pay 30ps per kilometre. If you want cheaper than this, then left right is the best option.

    If you have 2 hours to spend on train, then existing route fits fine for you. There are people who will be willing to pay more for their time, to conduct business across geography.

    I am that kind of a person who want to take early morning train to Mumbai or Bengaluru, finish my work and take late afternoon train to reach Belagavi for dinner at my home. Am I rich or filthy rich, absolutely not.

  3. Sir, North Karnataka does not have adequate railway connectivity. Kindly evaluate & implement connection between Belagavi- Bijapur – Gulabarga
    And Bagalkot to Miraj I’m shortest possible distance.

  4. Sir, I feel following projects shall be taken up.
    1. Doubling of line Miraj to Hubli. Already sanctioned.
    2.Electrification of the above-mentioned.
    3.Train to Hyderabad from Hubli via bgm, mrj, Solapur.
    4. Kudachi to Bagalkot line half done.
    5.Dharwad to Karad line via kittur , BGM, non , Kolhapur
    6. Bgm to Sawantwadi.

  5. This is absolutely non sense. Waste of time.
    1. Just like Bangalore Belgaum superfast express, introduce trains between Hubli and Belgaum with just 2 minute stops at Dharwad, alnavar, londa and Khanapur.
    2. Speed up the already sanctioned study on Dharwad Belgaum new railway line via kittur.

    Imagine the industry corridor revolution that can take place.
    Suresh sir, just imagine what miracle you can do. Industries in Hubli, (tarihal, ganangatti, ittigatti) dharwad- rayapur, near KMF, Belur, Tegur, kittur, mk Hubli, hirebagewadi and then Belgaum.

    2 major airports, the SUPER NH4, goods train, freight income……….

    I think some of these sensible things can transform Hubli Dharwad Belgaum into another mighty Bangalore and another landmark hub of Karnataka.

    It is high time we develop Hubli Dharwad Belgaum. Bangalore is not the only city of Karnataka but there are greater cities too, but who will rise up develop these places

  6. What on the earth is going on that’s just not worth. Bullet trains is a must but for long distance such that 12 hour journey can be reduced to 4-5 hours only for major stations. Bullet trains must be for bgm-blr-bgm, bgm-mum-bgm, bgm-hyd-bgm, bgm -goa-bgm. Think about it thats worth the way.Use ur senses for GOD sake

  7. Agree with the suggestions put forth By Shri Balasaheb Kolaki… However a good beginning by the Hon’ble Minister(himself a Belagavi) in his efforts to uplift the communications network in Belagavi district.


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