Use QR code and know more about the Trees of GSS college

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Unusual markings started to appear on trees at the GSS and RPD college campus, this fall courtesy of Trees of GSS Directory of Tree species at GSS College, Belagavi.

People while walking in the avenue, gardens, parks, see the beauty of nature, the trees, plants, animals, flower, fruits, etc. and wonder what to call them? Although many trees and plants are noticed daily they cannot identify them.

So there has to be an easy way of identifying them. Here comes the role of modern technology ie Computer. Computers are used everywhere for various purposes like shopping, economic, business, social network etc.
So why not use the technology for nature lovers, so the group thought of tagging the trees with QR codes. So when one scans the code tagged on the tree we get its full information like common name, vernacular names, scientific name, its description, its significance on the website. So it’s like you ask the tree and it tells about itself. This project can help students, teachers, visitors, the public, who walk in the beautiful campus of G.S.S college.

trees-of-gssThe main aim of the project is to design and implement a user-friendly Tree identification online repository for GSS College campus using Free and Open Source technology.

A detailed assessment of all tree species in the GSS College campus was undertaken at the beginning of the project by surveying the campus. The trees are distributed across the 34-acre area. Campus was divided into small regions for efficient documentation process.

These trees around campus are something that students see every day, but few know anything about. With these QR codes, it will be easy for them to know its name and other details.


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