Mahesh Foundation Setup New 10 Bed Covid Care Center for Underprivileged Children

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Mahesh Foundation, a charitable organization that has been working for the welfare of HIV+ and underprivileged children, has set up a COVID-19 isolation center for the underprivileged children. According to the experts, the third wave of COVID-19 would be more dangerous for children. So, Mahesh Foundation has taken this initiative as a precautionary measure.

This care center is set up in the premises of Mahesh Foundation with 10 oxygen cylinders and 5 Medical grade oxygen concentrators upto 10 liters. They have dedicated a floor for this center. This care center would help underprivileged children residing in Mahesh Foundation as well as the needy children residing in other orphanages. All the necessary arrangements have been made to isolate the children who test positive for COVID-19.

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This is the first COVID care center in the Belagavi district dedicated to children. “Currently, we have provided shelter to 45 children. As per the government guidelines, the children and staff are tested for COVID-19 once a quarter. No child has tested positive to date. But, according to the experts, the children would get infected in the third wave as a precautionary measure, we set up this isolation center.

This center is not only for the children at Mahesh Foundation but we will also provide beds to underprivileged children residing at other orphanages” said the President of Mahesh Foundation, Mr. Mahesh Jadhav.

“A doctor, three nurses and two assistants will take care of the children in this center. As per the instructions, they will work by wearing PPE kits. Due to increased cases of COVID-19, there is a lack of beds in the hospitals so, we ensure proper care and treatment to the children so that no child should struggle. The donors have extended their helping hand for the beds and oxygen concentrators” he added.

“HIV+ children are less immune than normal humans and if any one of them tests positive, it would infect other children easily. So, if a child is ill, we immediately isolate him/her. We wish no child should test positive for COVID and if tests then we are confident that we will manage and try our best to help them recover” they said.

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