Mahesh Foundations new hope to Slum dwellers

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Slum dwellers of “Aadhar Nagar” at Kanbargi can now boast of itself to be one of its slum in the city with Free medicines, free medical treatment, free education guidance and all these facilities are not being provided by the Government but by a group of Social workers under the banner of Mahesh Foundation. Mahesh Foundation led by Mahesh Jadhav already runs the Aadhar Orphanage and Aashakiran Orphanage for the HIV positive children in the city.

The life in a slum is always challenging with no proper facilities but with the vision of this NGO the Aadhar nagar is now all set to change the way it lives.

`Aadhar Nagar’ – a slum area at the Kanbargi village in
noted Industrialist and MF Trustee Suresh Hundre, President Mahesh Jadhav and team comprising Rajeev Sharma, Nagaratna Ramgonda, Sanjay Katti and Manjula Badiger had this noble thought in their mind to work for the welfare of the slum dwellers. Hence they approached this particualr slum which inhabits about 350 people a year ago.
The task was not so easy as said and we faced our first hurdle when we entered the slum. Those unhinged eyes scared many along with us but we all were determined with our idea and tried to convince each one of them. This was neither an easy task.
The slum now gets Free medicines, free medical treatment, free education guidance, free rice, free employment guidance and the list goes on and on. slumslum3
A Medical store has been now commenced inside the slum which supplies free medicines and also a team of doctors visit the slum twice a week. A study hall for the children and also a club for playing indoor games. 75 families now lead a healthier life who are also provided 3 kgs of rice each week free of cost.

The slum now called as “Aadhar Nagar” is a model to be replicated. With the association of Raymonds Silver Spark apparel company two dwellers were also placed in Bangalore and are currently under going training. The company also has taken care of all their needs.
The company now plans to do recruitment rally only for such slum dwellers.

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  1. me and and my wife Nanda have a very big dream of open a orphanage for old aged, it will come true or not we don’t know but we will try to help the needies if possible up to our dreams success



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