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Mahveer Bhavan to Third gate Khanapur road on Commissioners Radar

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Commissioner Ravi Kumar visited the stretch from Mahveer Bhavan to Third gate on Sunday morning and told the one or two shops that were open to clear the encroachments in a couple of days.

It may be recalled that, the Corporation commissioner had come to lime light after he took up the demolition work from Third gate to Peeranwadi. But the other side of the story even after 5 months of demolition on that road nothing has moved except that all the trees have been chopped. The gutter and road work could not begun due to dearth of funds it is understood.khanapur_road_widen1khanapur_road_widen1

The Mahaveer Bhavan to Third gate is planned to be a 120 feet road and is under the PWD. Many residents and traders have taken a stay from the High court.

It would be very interesting to see as the Mayor Kiran Saynak also has his shop on the same road.
Citizens in the city are demanding that the incomplete projects must be first completed and then undertake the new ones.

The Maratha Mandir to Mahveer Bhavan road is almost done but the Basveshwar circle has not been realigned which was part of the plan, which is causing huge traffic jams and minor accidents each day.
The authorities must finish the work and then go ahead with the next one.

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  1. Most of the parts even entry levels are very shabby ,Belagavi is looking like biggest modern shabby village ,it is better to demolish unauthorise structures ,beautify circles ,widen roads


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