Make baffle range near Angadi College

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In a closed door meet held today the fate of Suresh Angadi Education Foundation’s Angadi Institute of Technology and Management (AITM) was kept in the hanging again.

Senior officials headed by Maj.Gen.B.S. Sachar, VSM, Additional Director General, Military Training(A), Ministry of Defence, New Delhi held meeting with DC Ekroop Caur on the issue of the college coming into defense land which is used as a firing range.

The DC Mrs.Caur asked if a “Baffle range” could be built there, and Suresh Angadi is also suggesting the same from a long time.

A Baffle Range has baffles on either side and above the range floor intended to help prevent shots leaving the range.  A baffle range provides for a secure firing range with a perimeter — series of walls surrounding the target area. The first firing range with a baffle range in India was in Mhow, Madhya Pradesh.

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In the meeting other issues relating to the Cantonment and civilians were also discussed and the officials said that they physically visit the site of the college and then submit a report.

In other issues discussed were that of the removal of the Canteen at Ashoka Circle, development of the Fort and co-ordination of the Cantonment- Civic authorities in building and repairs of roads.

Background of the issue: The Suresh Angadi Education Foundation’s Angadi Institute of Technology and Management (AITM) have been built amidst a firing range on Survey No. 72/73, which lies in the danger zone in the “Baghdad-Asmara field firing ranges”. The said area has been notified as a firing range in the Karnataka Gazette notification of February 10, 1981.
In November 2009, the MLIRC officials had written to the district administration asking how permission was granted for the construction of the college without their consent.
The office of the Deputy Commissioner had granted permission for conversion of land purchased from private individuals. The land in question falls in an area notified the firing range. The permission for conversion of land for non-agricultural purpose was given on the condition that it (permission) would be withdrawn if there were any objection from the Indian Army. The site is a notified as a firing range under the Karnataka Gazette and hence any building on that site will be illegal.

4 thoughts on “Make baffle range near Angadi College”

  1. The first question to be asked is why was the institution allowed to be constructed on defence land.
    The institution should be taken over by military without paying any compesation to promoters and use it for training armed forces as they train cadets in IMA Dehradun so that we have another prestigious college in Belgaum instead of institute by politician to collect donation and breed corruption.
    If these is not stopped here only at the start then many other politician will start grabbing defence land and they will not have place for training.
    Also another concern is even if so called Baffle Range is created by chance any student if crosses that and gets shot who will be held resposible.
    The DC who gives such permission and suggestion should be transfered to naxal or terrorist areas to understand how hard our army fights with them.

  2. This is precisely what happens when corruption eats away at our political system. The left hand doesn't know, or rather does not want to know what the the right hand is doing.
    The oversight of the Karnataka Gazette in question is not just one persons doing.
    But our politicians will have their say in the end. It is after all their "Right".

  3. Army has to be trained in real life situation. They have to fight anytime and anywhere. Not in Baffle ranges. Its a great responsibility which they have been carrying out. No one should be allowed to put obstacles in their path.

    Do terrorists and our enemies confine their activities to just protected ranges??? No way.

  4. This is waht men in power do! Our elected representatives are busy in making hey while they remain in power circle. Take for example any MLA or MP in our district, the first thing they do is LAND GRAB! Is there an end to this system? can any one of the MP MLA come clean and explian to people?


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