Making Belgaum a model district is Angadi’s prime intent

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In an interview to TOI, newly elected MP Suresh Angadi said that his prime intent was to develop Belgaum District as a model district.


He also said, he is keen on developing basic infrastructure that is needed to declare Belgaum officially as a second capital by government. He plans to complete the ongoing irrigation projects and set up new industries.  

2 thoughts on “Making Belgaum a model district is Angadi’s prime intent”

  1. What did Mr.Angadi do during his first five-year term as Lok Sabha member. For all these five years, he has been talking of transforming Belgaum into Baramati, a developed town in Maharashtra and regarded as role model for development oriented individuals and institutions. Is there anything for to claim on atleast an initiative in that direction?

  2. Only talk by MP. He shall make a model of nothing. He has been for a decade plus, only attending functions, big talk building own empire and nothing else. The only reason he is getting elected is some wave or the other be it Vajpayee, Modi or Yeddi govt. Thanks to the loyalty of Maratha voters to BJP he is in luck. His achievements are educational empire for his family, sugar factory etc.


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