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Malmaruti police arrest house burglar

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By uday

The Malmaruti police have successfully apprehended a notorious house burglar and seized Rs 7 lakh from him. The culprit, identified as Lakshmi Nagar June Belgaon, is 32 years old.

Under the guidance of ACP Sadashiv Kattimani, who is in charge of the Market Sub-Division, Police Inspector J.M. Kalimirchi of Mal Maruti Police Station strategically set a trap and successfully detained the suspect after a thorough interrogation.

In addition to the arrest, the Malmarti police seized gold and silver jewelry worth Rs 7 lakh from the accused.

During the investigation, the accused confessed to committing numerous burglaries in and around Belagavi city. The Mal Maruti Police are conducting a comprehensive investigation to uncover any additional criminal activities he may have been involved in.

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The Commissioner of Police has expressed his utmost appreciation and congratulations to the diligent police personnel who played a pivotal role in apprehending this audacious thief.

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