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Wear masks in Bus – Transport Minister

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By uday

In light of the detection of the Covid Sub variant JN1 in Kerala, the state has been placed on high alert. The Health Department has promptly issued a series of guidelines to address the situation. It is well-known that viruses, including COVID-19, can spread rapidly in large gatherings. Similarly, a significant number of people rely on buses for transportation. Consequently, Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy has emphasized the importance of wearing masks for all bus passengers to prevent the spread of infection.

During a media briefing, Minister Ramalinga Reddy highlighted the increasing prevalence of Corona infection worldwide. Given this context, the public must adhere to certain rules and guidelines. The government has already announced a set of guidelines to combat the situation. Therefore, bus travelers must wear masks not only for their well-being but also to safeguard the health of others.


Today, Health Minister Dinesh Gundurao held a meeting with the Union Health Minister to discuss the matter at hand. We are fully committed to strictly following the government’s orders and taking necessary actions. Minister Ramalinga Reddy assured that the Transport Corporation and Mujarai departments will actively participate in addressing this issue.

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