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MP Sadanand Tanavade Urges for Daily Train Connectivity between Vasco and Belagavi

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Member of Parliament from Rajya Sabha, Sadanand Shet Tanavade, has urged the Minister of Railways, Ashwini Vaishnaw, to introduce a daily passenger train service from Vasco to Belagavi through the South Western Railways, with strategic stopovers at Londa and Dudhsagar.

During a special mention in Parliament, the MP addressed the Railway Minister and emphasized the crucial need for a DAILY PASSENGER TRAIN SERVICE connecting Vasco to Belagavi. The deep connections between Goa and Belagavi make it essential to create a seamless train service that caters to trade, commerce, medical, education, and personal travel. He has requested a daily train service to meet diverse travel needs and enhance overall connectivity. Additionally, proposed stopovers at Dudhsagar will boost tourism and improve the well-being of both regions! Sadanand Shet Tanavade posted on X.

Highlighting the economic ties between Goa and Belagavi, Tanavade stated that regular and seamless train service is essential for facilitating trade, commerce, and personal travel between these two regions.

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Belagavi, serving as a significant hub for various activities, requires a dependable transport link with Goa. The MP further pointed out that incorporating Londa and Dudhsagar as stopovers in the proposed train route will enhance connectivity and efficiency for passengers.

Furthermore, he highlighted the tourism potential of Dudhsagar waterfalls, a popular attraction, and suggested that a stopover at this picturesque location could significantly contribute to the region’s tourism sector. Such a service will not only meet the immediate travel needs of the residents but also boost trade, commerce, and tourism, thereby benefiting the overall well-being and connectivity of both regions, said the Rajya Sabha MP.

Before the broad gauge, there was a daily train from Miraj to Vasco on the meter gauge line but after its conversion the said train service was not started. Also, all the roads to Goa are in a very bad condition and hence many avoid traveling, if a daily train service is started it will boost business and tourism at both places.

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