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Neglected Sports Complex at Ashok nagar to be revived

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By uday

The sports complex located in Ashok Nagar Belagavi has been neglected and closed for an extended period. In fact, since its construction, it has never been utilized.

The badminton court and swimming pool have remained inaccessible to the citizens. However, recently, Belagavi North MLA Asif Sait, accompanied by local corporators and other officials, conducted a thorough inspection of the sports complex.

He expressed his strong desire to reopen the facility to the public and undertake necessary renovations to ensure its functionality. These amenities are crucial for the well-being of the people and the overall development of the city.

asif ashok pool

It is disheartening to witness the disregard these facilities have endured in the past.

Additionally, Asif Sait visited the Asad Khan Society to initiate civil works in the area. The region has been lacking proper roads and other essential facilities, and efforts have been initiated to provide the residents with improved amenities.

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