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All games played in a Swimming pool except swimming at Ashok Nagar

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Playing sports inculcates team spirit, develops strategic & analytical thinking, leadership skills, goal setting and risk taking. A fit and healthy individual leads to an equally healthy society and a strong nation.
And keeping the same in mind the City of Belagavi had planned to come up with sports complexes in the city and once such complex with a Swimming pool, Badminton hall and Gym was built, but today all games are played by the chidlren in the pool except swimming.

The work on the Swimming pool and Badminton court at CTS No.9674, Ashok Nagar, Belagavi was commenced by MLA Feroz Sait on Feb 1, 2017.

1791105.66 was spent on Construction of Protection Wall to Swimming Pool at Ashok Nagar Belagavi. b) Providing Chain Link Fencing infront of the Swimming pool at Ashok Nagar Belagavi.

And another 20 lakhs for Supplying and fixing of Gym Equipments for Gymnasium Building at Ashok Nagar Belagavi. (Supplying of Gym equipments)

19885934 for Construction of Badminton Hall at Ashok Nagar Belagavi (Ground Floor)

Swimming pool except swimming at Ashok NagarSwimming pool except swimming at Ashok NagarSwimming pool except swimming at Ashok Nagar

The work was finished a bit later but since then it hasn’t been opened for public and the Pool is now the safe playground for the kids around.
The kids must be appreciated, as they are atleast making some good use of the facility may it be playing cricket or Football. And even their mom’s are happy as they have no dirt after the play. The Badminton hall was inaugurated but is closed now.

Also a few pavers, window panes are been robbed. The area was fenced but the fence has been cut to make easy access.

If the City corporation cannot manage a pool why on earth it was built in the first place is the biggest question. The same money could have been used elsewhere for a garden or likewise.

4 thoughts on “All games played in a Swimming pool except swimming at Ashok Nagar”

  1. I am eagerly waiting for opening of the swimming pool. Feel sorry for the wastage of our hard earned money and for not providing the amenities.

  2. Use of brain in planning the project and putting it for good use must be an important goal, instead politicians waste all of the hard earned money from law abiding taxpayers,and beg for re-election for which they are unworthy.

  3. Even in Hanuman Nagar , near the Lotus Ganesh temple , huge amount of money has been spent to build a skating rink, walking track and sports complex. Now it’s in shambles, part of the fences are disappearing bit by bit. People are throwing their garbage over the fence on the walking track. What a waste of resources? Would have been a wonderful place for young and old.can we start a group to manage it ?


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