Mandoli road Murder – Second wife gives supari of 10 Lakh to get husband killed

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Raju Doddabommannavar aged 46 of Bastwad was brutally murdered near Bhavani Nagar Mandoli road on March 15.

Now the police have cracked the case and it has come to light that, the second wife of the deceased had made the murder plan and had given a supari of Rs. 10 lakh to murder her husband.

Kirana, the second wife of the victim, and his business partners Dharmendra and Shashikant have been now arrested for making the plan of murdering Raju.


The perpetrators had missed killing Raju on 3 consecutive days as the Railway gate was closed and Raju managed to reach home.

Kirana, the victim’s second wife was angered as the victim had kept his first marriage secret. It also comes to light he has married for the third time as well after having two children from Kirana.

Angered over the betrayal Kirana joined hands with Dharmendra and Shashikant who had some issues with a development project and she paid 10 lakhs to get her husband murdered.

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