Manjunath Pujari in the India book of records as Nocturnal ambulance man


Manjunath Ningappa Pujari who doubles up as an auto-rickshaw driver does something heartwarming every night – he offers his auto as an ambulance for the needy.

This service has been now entered in the India Book of Records as Nocturnal ambulance man in their latest book of records 2020.


Nocturnal ambulance man: The record for being a nocturnal ambulance man was set by Manjunath Nangappa Pujari (born on December 04, 1978) of Belgavi, Karnataka. He has been providing free services to needy people in his auto-rickshaw ambulance, late at night, for the last 3 years and he has so far served 150 people. During the day, he works as an office assistant in IL&FS group of companies and serves the needy by night, as confirmed on November 23, 2019.

He drives an auto every day between 6 PM to 9 AM, offers free rides to those in emergency situations using his auto as an ambulance after that.
To ensure that people in the city are aware of his services, Pujari has informed an NGO, Ashray Foundation, of the localities and areas where he can be reached at any time of the night for any kind of emergency.

Manjunath Pujari, who drives an auto every day after his office hours, offers free rides to those in emergency situations. He can be reached at any time of the night for any kind of emergency. So far, he has saved the lives of more than 40 people.

manujanth-pujari-recordHe works as a supervisor in the maintenance department of an infrastructure and financial services company during the day. After returning from the office, he drives his auto till 9 pm to support his family.

Speaking to AAB, Manjunath said, I thought of taking this up as he had to toil hard to arrange an auto for a pregnant woman in his neighborhood and by the time she was taken to hospital she died. Hence after this incident, I started to double up my auto as an ambulance as a service to society.

About two years ago we had first shared his good deeds and then he became a national heartthrob with the entire media covering him.

Today had a Ola auto ( Manjunath Ningappa Pujari ) ride and happened to meet this interesting person who works with the…

Posted by Allaboutbelgaum on Sunday, September 10, 2017

This down to earth man is always ready to help anyone in need as he feels if I drop someone to a hospital, it is only that he made the patient’s life more comfortable and at the same time in contributing to the society. So when someones call him to drop to the hospital he does not insists that such customers pay for the ride. It is critical time sometimes and if I help someone it is my good luck, he says.

He has been felicitated for his good deeds by the Commissioner of police and other organizations as well.

His contact nos: 9964375115, 9449014362



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