Mayor hot seat recipe: All trying to get it done

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MES (Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti) is trying hard to regain its lost glory and also the post of Mayor. The chances have risen for them after a split in the Kannada group.

The MES needs 5 more corporators with it and it can see its Mayor for this it is talks with the splintered Kananda group, Belgaum Development Front.

 The Sarvabhashik Samavichar Vedike & Belgaum Development Front mostly constituted by Kannada & Urdu corporators mainly wants a Kannada mayor but internal brawl within themselves can become a positive for MES.

But amongst all this the votes of the 4 MLAs and MP will be very crucial. Its election time and without the Marathi votes it would be rather difficult for the BJP to regain the seat. Be sure there could be surprises in store here. At least two of the MLAs could support MES. 

Corporators Natraj Lohar, Firdose Darga, Shanta Upar and Khalid Siddiqi from the BDF are vying to be nominated by the BDF for th mayor’s post, while the tussle is between Latif Pathan and Gouresh Kammar in the SSV. MES corporators Dhanraj Gavali, Ravindra Mirajkar and Devendra Haval are hoping one of them will be picked to contest the mayoral election. 

All the three groups are busy making plans of how to show the other, the sky. As the time comes closer this debate will heat up and what happens on the night before will be the deciding point. 

For us Belgaumites, who so ever will be the Mayor won’t impact us in any manner. What have earlier Mayors do for Belgaum, in fact let’s take a Quiz on this? 

Who is the present Mayor of Belgaum?

No prizes for guessing the right one tough, Recession is on. 

  Source: Deccan Chronicle

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