Media men protest against attack on reporters in Bangalore

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The Entire TV and Print media gathered at the Information bureau at the DC compound and condemned the attack by the lawyers on the persons from the press in the court premises in Bangalore today.

Today morning a group of lawyers attacked the media men who had come to cover the Reddy case. Lawyers beat up the press people and the police even with its presence did not act fast and then later resorted to lathi charge.

In Belgaum the media personnel also did a raasta rook at Chennamma circle and condemned the attack and said this is attack on Democracy and Free press.varta

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  1. I fail to understand if lawyers start doing this (roudisim). Then what about the common man ? What about Law and Order in the State and the country. This is the second time that the lawyers have misbehaved and done this kind of thing in recent time. It seems that the law has to be taught to them again. Or rather teach them a proper lesson. And by punishing the lawyers set an example to others. Govt. of Karnataka and the police is not strict in taking any action. Sorry but the truth is Law and Order has failed again.


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