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Five fold rise in fines for traffic violations

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The central cabinet today approved a five-fold increase in fines under the Motor Vehicle Act, and substantial hike in compensation to accident victims. These changes will be incorporated in the Motor Vehicle Act through an amendment, which is likely to be introduced in forthcoming Parliament session and only after it the same would be implemented.

If the blood alcohol level below 30 mg (per 100 ml blood) will not be considered an offense. If it ranges between 30 and 60 mg, the proposed penalty is six months’ imprisonment and/or Rs 2,000 fine.
Between 60 and 150 mg, the penalty could be one-year imprisonment and/or Rs 4,000 fine. Any repetition of the offence within three years could mean 3 years’ jail term and/or two-time cash penalty (Rs 8,000). For those found heavily drunk — over-150 mg blood alcohol level — the  penalty is likely to be two-year jail and/or Rs 5,000. Anyone repeating the offense within three years will be slapped with four years’ imprisonment and/or  Rs 10,000 fine. Also, the offender’s driving licence will be canceled.
Most of the fines are up to Rs.500 from Rs.100.helmet1

Reckless driving, over-speeding, over-loading, driving without licence, jumping signals and riding two-wheelers without helmet will now attract a fine of Rs.500 from the current Rs.100.

Auto drivers refusing to go in hire will also attract Rs.500 fine. Drivers talking on cellphones while driving, not wearing seat-belt; vehicles cutting the yellow line, breaking lane discipline, overtaking from left, parking in no-parking zone, violating the no-entry signage and  carrying schoolchildren in excess of capacity will also attract Rs.500 fine.

A few people were happy that the fines have been increased and this will surely make them think twice before breaking the rules, but also people were heard speaking about corruption being increased as each one will try to get away with some hand shaking as the fine amount now is hefty.



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  1. The general attitude of the General Public is ” LETS SEE ” and this is how the public is caught.The other attitudes the thrill to over speed in public place where there is heavy Traffic especially by the youngsters ,not wearing helmets because they are uncomfortable,negligence to set right the defaced number plate etc are some of the major reasons for which the general public fall to the victim of law.

  2. This will further feed the already corrupt system. People will easily want to pay fewer bucks without the receipt rather then shell out the entire fine.

  3. I would welcome this law by the government of hiking the violation fees and also imprisonment of the guilty. But how much will it be implemented and how much will it be successful ? Got to wait and watch. One thing for sure city cops will have more work to do which they don’t want and more to earn. Though I don’t like to wear a helmet, but yet I wear it, to obey the Law of the land I live. Now my question is as helmets is made compulsory, Why can’t the police make strict implementation of Auto in the city to run on meters. I feel the Law is half implemented. I am confused. Conclusion : (Sab chalta hai Bapu ke Desh me).


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