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Memorandum for shifting firing range

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The Baghdad-Asmara Field Firing Range on the Savagaon road is in news again. This time the farmers of Mandoli, Savgaon and adjoining places have made a representation to the DC saying that the firing range be shifted or atleast a baffle range be created.

The residents said that it was becoming very dangerous to live in that area due to firing.

Army officials had inspected the area after construction of buildings which includes the engineering college of MP Suresh Angadi. The army had objected to the college being there but no action was taken.

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A few residents of those villages have filed a civil suit against Brig. Ramesh and also obtained and order that no walls would be constructed but the Brigadier has not adhered to it.

0 thoughts on “Memorandum for shifting firing range”

    • @ Prasad,
      How can army firing range functions amidst the civilian habitats. As the nearby farmers and students lives are in danger ( by fatal incidents) it will be wise to move the firing range.
      Hope the govt will respond to residents request..

  1. this is not fair if d firing range is shifted den d whole place with full of trees will go to dogs plz dont sideline d army its their place and dat area was farm land coz of politics n corruption d place is getting building permission and d owners of those land want to make profit so they are doing all these stuff PLZ SUPPORT D ARMY they fight for us now lets fight for them……..

  2. @shankar
    who asked them to make a college there near n firing range the range is very old n been functioning since ages nobody is hurt till now d army takes all d precautions u need to thin abt army also…….

  3. thanks to rapid urbanization, this was bound to happen, i m not supporting the army or the pvt land owners, but its dangerous to have a firing range in the midst of residential area. n about the college, such a huge construction takes at least a couple of years to complete, wat were the army authorities doing for these two years and how in the first place did the college get approval to begin work, its all baffling

  4. The firing range is in force since decades…. Wonder who should have the problem. The Army or the newly inhabited residents.


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