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Men, on ladies’ seats? Fine!

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As part of an initiative by the Belgaum traffic police, there will be an intensive checking done by staff on the male passengers occupying seats reserved for female passengers.

Yes! Our very own and familiar “ladies’ seat”! To the ignorant souls, some 4-5 seats on one side in a bus are reserved exclusively for women—meaning, if a man is seated on such a seat, a lady can ask him to vacate it for her. But most of the time we see it occupied by the Gentlemen.

Traffic CPI Javed Mushapuri today fined men sitting on seats reserved for Women in City buses. A fine of Rs.100 was collected from the men who were sitting on the seats reserved for Women. He himself went into buses to impose the fine. He said this initiative would be taken up regularly.

The women folks were very happy to see this happen.


3 thoughts on “Men, on ladies’ seats? Fine!”

  1. To my dear City’s Traffic Police,
    Please also address important issues like the problem at first gate. I was wondering if have you got the barricade up so that some senseless people cross the road from the wrong side & get killed, thus address the population problem before it arises?
    We are not asking you to move away from third gate where you try & display the rules & discipline by catching hold of mostly outstation motorists with the help of the interceptor purchased by the tax payers money. We want you to first use the thing (brain) that you are born with & sort the real issues the Belgaum is facing.

  2. Instead of doing such nonsense things let them regulate the traffic properly ,improve the condition of roads
    Provide sufficient noof buses ,increase the frequency ,then talk about reservation.

  3. Sir, See that belgaum Auto ricksha glass are transperent. Because Already some nonsense things are happening in and aorund city by sitting in Auto ricksha.

    See that both the doors of the auto’s are transperent, front and back glasses are transperent.


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