Mercury rises above 40 in Belagavi


love dale belagavi

The entire Belagavi district continued to be under a severe heat wave spell with Belagavi Airport recording 40.1  degrees Celsius which is an all time high, the previous high for April was 40 degrees Celsius on 22, 1998.

In interior parts of the district even 42 degrees were recorded.


The India Meteorological Department (IMD) says the heat wave will continue over the next week and no major respite is seen.

Trinity Belagavi
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  1. Real estate development and Belgaum’s migration to Smart city is showings its colors
    Beware belgaumites!!! plant more trees SAVE WATER its liquid GOLD

  2. Ya surely temperature will rise again, Belguam corporation development work where it is still complete, again more developments are going to be there where more tress are going to be cut…. I think belgaum corporation just loves to cut down all the tree…


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