Beards like Shivaji Maharaj latest trend


Youth in the country often represent the latest trends in terms of fashion and food as well. The city of Belagavi has a new trend now, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj style beard and mustache. Yes it is not just one or two but hundreds of youth have now adopted this style and this is style is now Trending in many saloons.

shivaji-style-beardAnd this trend has all picked up as the preparations are on for the Shiv Jayanti this month end. Shiv Jayanti is celebrated with great valor in Belagavi. Youths who are supposed to play Shivaji Maharaj in the skit in tableau procession during Shiva Jayanti decided to have an original beard and mustache rather than the artificial one.

Now many who are not performing as Shivaji have also Adopted this style and hence it is trending. Many said they will continue to keep the style even after the celebrations.


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