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Merging of Civil areas in Cantonment limits to Municipality: Karnataka Govt yet to give No Objection

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By uday

Member of Parliament from Belagavi Smt. Mangal Suresh Angadi asked a question in the Loksabha regarding CIVIL AREAS IN CANTONMENT LIMITS

(a) whether any measure(s) are being contemplated by the Government to either abolish or excision the civil areas in Cantonment limits (both within and outside) to the adjoining Municipal Corporations;

(b) if so, the details thereof;

(c) whether any circular(s) have been issued to the State/UT Governments in this regard wherein the Cantonment Boards exist;

(d) if so, the details thereof along with the number of State/UT Governments that have acted/ responded in this regard; and

(e) whether the Government has forwarded the communication to the Chief Secretary of Karnataka and if so, the details thereof along with its present status?


In order to bring uniformity in municipal laws governing civil areas of Cantonments and adjoining State Municipal areas, it has been decided to consider excising civil areas of certain cantonments and merging them with neighboring municipalities.

Accordingly, broad modalities for proposed excision have been shared with concerned State Governments for their comments on 23.05.2022 (in case of Karnataka on 13.06.2022).

These modalities broadly cover transfer/retention of assets and liabilities, Cantonment Board employees, pensioners and other issues. So far, 02 State Governments viz. Telangana and Jharkhand have conveyed no objection to the proposal.

As per the reply the proposed excision was shared with govt of Karnataka on 13.06.2022 however as of the state has not conveyed any no objection to the same.

mangal suresh Angadi in Loksabha

In another question asked about FLIGHT SERVICES FROM BELAGAVI AIRPORT, the civil aviation minister replied that

With the repeal of Air Corporation Act in March 1994, the Indian domestic aviation sector has been deregulated. Airlines are free to select whatever markets and network they wish to service. Hence, it is up to the airline operator for introduction of air services to / from any airport in country depending on their operational & commercial viability. M/s Alliance Air commenced RCS routes between Belagavi & Pune on 15.05.2019, which has been discontinued after completion of 3 years tenure. At present, flights from Belagavi to Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Tirupati, Indore, Surat, Jodhpur, Nagpur and Jaipur are operational under UDAN. Any airlines may start flight operation on the said route, as per their commercial viability.

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