Mid night robbers target single bike riders

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The cases of robberies especially at knife point and threatening have increased in the past month or so. One was looted near Sagar Hotel, then earlier one more was loot that knife point on NH 4 near Yamnapur and the latest one occurred after mid night in Thursday near Sanchayni circle petrol bunk.

Akshay Joshi a hotel employee was retuning home after his work and he was attacked by a rod and he fell down near the petrol bunk and his mobile, cash was looted. He was taken to an ATM and money was robed by the robbers. He did not stop here, he asked the person to ride the bike and asked to give all the valuables from his house but as they approached first gate Akshay’s friends saw him and Akshay shouted for help, when his friends came for his rescue and the person was caught.

Akshay was later shifted to hospital as he had injuries on his face and head.

On the same night one more person who was wearing a helmet at the same spot did not stop as the person on the road had a plank with him and he doubted his act and when the robber tried to hit him just scraped through without major injuries.

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  1. Strange,,what is happening in the City.
    Regrading POLICE, i dont think the Individual Area Police Patrolling Personnel do PATROL during Nights.
    These Robbers should be tried infront of Public gathering, so that other who think of such acts will fear and never ever try this.


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