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Milk van hits two wheeler on Congress road

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By uday

A milk delivery truck was involved in a road accident near Congress Road, opposite Military Mahadev. The accident occurred due to the erratic movement of the vehicle.

As the truck was heading towards Khanapur, it unexpectedly encountered a two-wheeler, causing it to overturn in the middle of the road. The driver was unable to control the speed, resulting in a dangerous situation.

Eyewitnesses reported that a woman and a child on the two-wheeler suffered severe injuries.

Another eye witness told AAB that after the accident they immediately took the victims to the hospital. Three boys were approaching from the wrong side, while a lady stood nearby, waiting to purchase toys. Suddenly, the speeding van collided.


Upon receiving information about the incident, the traffic police promptly arrived at the scene. They efficiently cleared the overturned vehicle and ensured the smooth flow of traffic

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  1. More of such accidents are bound to happen because of unruly riding of 2 wheelers. Opposite side driving has become a common affair. With the police turning a blind eye, this is will happen more regularly.


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