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CBI officials at Belagavi Cantonment board for inquiry

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By uday

This morning, a team of CBI officials arrived at the Belagavi Cantonment Board office to conduct an inquiry into recent recruitment activities. The specific details of the investigation have not yet been disclosed. As the local cantonment board officials are being interrogated, all doors of the office have been closed.

The purpose of the CBI officials’ visit is to investigate the recruitment process that took place at the Belagavi Cantonment Board office. The team is diligently working to uncover any irregularities or misconduct that may have occurred during the hiring process.

As the inquiry is ongoing, the office has been sealed off, ensuring privacy and confidentiality during the investigation. The CBI officials are meticulously questioning the local cantonment board officials to gather all necessary information and evidence.


As the investigation progresses, the CBI officials will continue their diligent efforts to gather all relevant information. The closure of the office doors emphasizes the importance of maintaining the integrity of the inquiry and preventing any interference.

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