Prakash Hukkeri requests for Pune-Belagavi Inter city train

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By uday

A formal request has been submitted to Jaya Verma Sinha, the Chairman of the Central Railway Board in Delhi, urging the initiation of the Belagavi-Pune inter-city train. This has been a long-standing demand of the people residing in Belagavi, as stated by Prakash Hukkeri, the special representative of the state government for Delhi.

Belagavi holds significant importance as it serves as a connecting point between the states of Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Goa. With a population of approximately 600,000, Belagavi is renowned for its sugar production.

Currently, the majority of the public relies on private buses for transportation, as regular train services are lacking. Consequently, the residents have fervently requested the introduction of a new inter-city train connecting Belagavi and Pune.


In response to this request, Jaya Verma Sinha has pledged to look into the matter with urgency. Prakash Hukkeri further conveyed in a statement that the Bengaluru-Dharwad Vande Bharat train has been extended to Belagavi, and Sinha has been cordially invited to attend its inauguration ceremony.

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