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Police Directed by Home Minister Parameshwar to Vigilantly Monitor Fake News and Social Media

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The Home Minister, G. Parameshwar, has issued a strict directive stating that immediate action must be taken if false news, provocative statements, or videos are posted on social media. On Monday (Nov. 20), he visited the police commissionerate of Belagavi to personally inspect the social network monitoring unit and control rooms, providing valuable suggestions.

During his visit, the Home Minister also took the opportunity to visit the Social Media Monitoring Unit and gather information about the measures taken in response to objectionable content and false news. He emphasized the importance of assigning officers and staff with proper technical training to handle such cases effectively.

Furthermore, the Home Minister personally observed the city control room, wireless department, and record room. In addition to reviewing the log book of calls and information received at the control room, he stressed the need for meticulous document maintenance.

In terms of traffic violations, the Home Minister outlined specific directions for action. Offenders should be given a grace period of seven days to pay fines. If the fine remains unpaid or the court appearance is neglected, the Home Minister instructed that the vehicle should be impounded and a summons should be issued from the court.


The Home Minister reviewed the process of imposing fines for traffic violations and the method of generating challans.

Viewing CCTV Footage:
The Home Minister, G. Parameshchara, took the initiative to review the CCTV camera footage installed in various roundabouts and roads throughout the city of Belagavi. It is crucial for the officers and staff responsible for monitoring the CCTV cameras to possess comprehensive knowledge about the specific locations where each camera is installed. Additionally, the Home Minister emphasized the importance of monitoring the footage from the CCTV cameras installed under the Smart City project.

During the meeting, Commissioner of Police, SN Siddaramappa, provided a detailed explanation regarding the functioning of the different units. He highlighted the active nature of the social media monitoring unit, which diligently oversees all activities. Recent cases have also been registered, demonstrating the effectiveness of this unit.

Furthermore, Commissioner of Police Siddaramappa stressed the significance of maintaining strict vigilance as a precautionary measure to prevent any untoward incidents during the session. DCP Rohan Jagadish further elaborated on the actions taken in response to objectionable posts, posts inciting communal sentiments, provocative statements, and other incidents found within the city. In such instances, immediate action is taken, and cases are registered in accordance with the IT Act.

The meeting was attended by District Superintendent of Police, Dr. Bhimashankar Guleda, Superintendent of Directorate of Civil Rights Enforcement, Dr. Ravindra Gadadi, DCP Sneha of Belagavi City Crime and Traffic Division, and other senior officials from the Police Commissionerate.

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