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Inspection of Documents at Shops in Tinnasu/Khau Katta

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By uday

This morning, a team from the PWD Bengaluru conducted an inspection at Rani Chennabhairadevi Devi Mahila Bazar – Tinnasu/Khau Katte, located at Shri Basveshwar Circle Belagavi, following allegations of corruption in the allocation of shops.

The team diligently visited all 56 shops in the area and thoroughly examined various documents, including trade licenses and lease agreements.

During the inspection, Rajev Toppannavar, who was present at the scene, revealed that there had been corrupt practices in the allocation of these shops. He further alleged that one person had been allocated the shop, while the trade license was registered under another person’s name, and a third individual was actually running the shop.


Tensions escalated as supporters of MLA Abhay Patil and Congress gathered in large numbers upon learning about the investigation. However, the presence of the police at the scene successfully diffused the situation and restored order among the supporters.

Despite the rule to avoid Nala, it has come to light that the construction of the building was carried out illegally. This particular building, which was erected by the Public Works Department, was supposed to allocate shops exclusively to widows, the impoverished, and those who do not pay taxes, as per the law. However, allegations and complaints arose, suggesting that these shops were only given to workers affiliated with the BJP. Consequently, a committee comprising high-ranking officials from the Public Works Department was formed by the government to investigate these claims. In light of this situation, the officials conducted a thorough inspection of each shop within the building.

Interestingly, it was observed that the shops were also in name after the wife of the contractor responsible for constructing the Tinnisu Katte building. This raises questions regarding the criteria used for the allocation of these shops. Since this building was constructed by the government, it should bear the name of the government itself. Social activists have expressed their objection to the presence of a nameplate belonging to the local MLA, Abhay Patil. It is worth noting that the district in-charge minister, Satish Jarakiholi, recently voiced his concerns regarding the same.

4 thoughts on “Inspection of Documents at Shops in Tinnasu/Khau Katta”

  1. I always suspected irregularity here, since I have never observed any women proudly running their businesses. On paper, you have run a good story of corruption and party politics. But I’m afraid that is the end of this. Will there be a follow up as to what final actions will be taken against those involved, including politicians and illegal shop owners. Will this ever be truly owned and run by deserving women??
    I challenge All About Belgaum to continue to pursue this story to ensure justice is done to the women in whose name this project was undertaken.

  2. Why PWD is looking into allegations of corruption in allotment of shops? The PWD guys would be hand-in-glove irrespective of the government at the time of allotment. The allegation needs to be looked into by Lokayukta or a committee headed by a retired judge of High Court


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