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Minister reassures grant for Super specialty hospital at Belagavi

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By uday

Dr. Sharanprakash R Patil, the Minister of Medical Education, has provided reassurance that the grant for the recruitment of lecturers, non-teaching staff, and the procurement of furniture and other Vedic equipment required for the 250-bed super specialty hospital in the city will be released in the near future.

He made this announcement while presiding over the BIMS progress review meeting recently held at the super specialty hospital hall in the BIMS hospital premises in Belagavi.

Since December 2022 the building has been ready but due to a lack of grants for equipment and man power the hospital hasn’t commenced its operations. Work commenced in 2019 and already the work is delayed a lot. 

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The district hospital was established approximately 150 years ago, but its outdated infrastructure has resulted in numerous pending repair works. Consequently, a dire situation has arisen where a significant influx of patients from all corners of the district suffers due to the scarcity of beds. Prakash Hukkeri, a member of the Legislative Council, has emphasized the urgent need for a comprehensive plan to construct a new hospital in the city, equipped with 450 beds. He has urged the responsible department minister to be informed of this pressing requirement.

In response to this, Minister Dr. Sharanprakash Patil has assured that a proposal for the establishment of a 450-bed hospital in Belagavi will be submitted to the government. Furthermore, he has guaranteed that the government will promptly engage in discussions regarding the hospital’s location and estimated expenses.

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